Get Listed

Getting listed is easy. The first thing we'll need to know is if you have a product feed. If not, it's no biggie, we can always crawl your site with our crawler. However, to save bandwidth on our end and yours, an XML feed has proven to be the most effective and efficient way to get your ammunition listed.

The following code below shows our preferred XML feed format. If you are unable to get your feed to match these parameters exactly, it's OK, we can generally work with whatever feed you have to offer.

Example XML Feed
<productlist retailer="">
	<product Type="ammunition">
		<description> 9mm Luger Buffalo Cartridge 115gr RN RM - 50 Rounds </description>
		<url> </url>
		<condition> Remanufactured/New </condition>
		<manufacturer> Buffalo Cartridge Company </manufacturer>
		<caliber> 9mm Luger </caliber>
		<casing> Brass/Steel </casing>
		<grains> 115 </grains>
		<type> RN </type>
		<price> 11.99 </price>
		<numrounds> 50 </numrounds>
		<shot_size> 00 Buck </shot_size>
		<shell_length> 3.75 </shell_length>
		<fps> 1148 </fps>
		<thumbnail_image> </thumbnail_image>
		<available> 5 </available>

Please remember, if your unable to get your feed to match these parameters, we can generally work with whatever information you can get in the feed and worst case scenario, we can always crawl your site instead.

Listing Fee

To be listed on AmmoBuy, we charge a one-time setup fee of $89.99 and $0.08 per unique click moving forward. This helps us cover our server costs, setup costs and maintenance fees. You can be exempt from or get discounts on these fees if you are an active member in one of many affiliate marketing networks offering commissions on sales (Example: AvantLink) or if you purchase one of our advertising slots.

If you would like to get listed now or have any other questions, please contact us and we will do our best to get your ammunition listed as quickly as possible.